Academic Consultation Procedure

Enrollment Appointment Outline

  1. Greet Client
    1. Intro yourself, offer water, invite them to have a seat and inform them they will be completing the Academic Consultation form.
    2. Take a copy of their photo ID to go with the Academic Consultation form.
    3. Should they ask why we need a Photo ID, let them know that we are required keep a copy of it on file with the form they filled out.
    4. Review the information that they filled out on form.
    5. Ask them to tell you a little about themselves (where they are from, work experience, how did they become interested in esthetics)
  2. Tell client a little about Institute of Epidermal Cell Therapy.
    1. School originated in 2012 Saphonia Gee is Founder, President and CEO.
    2. Give them a few of Saphonia’s Credentials (International CIDESCO Diplomat, member of State Board for Barber and Cosmetology, Founder of SVSS, instrumental source for licensing in State of Virginia for esthetics.
    3. School is licensed to operate in the State of Virginia through DPOR , Board of Barbers and Cosmetology.
    4. We do not at this time offer financial aid, grants or students loans. We offer payment plans for our students of weekly, monthly, and bi monthly. Explain the breakdown for each choice and that the program must be paid in full by week 20. Inform them of the Program start date and mandatory class days and times.
  3. Give client an overview of program
    1. Esthetics is offered in a FT Online format.
    2. Program completion requires 600 hours.
    3. Program covers 6 components completed in 25 weeks.
      1. Facials (Theory/Clinic)
      2. Hair Removal (Theory/Clinic)
      3. Body Treatments (Theory/Clinic)
      4. Make Up Artistry (Theory/Clinic)
      5. Business Skills (Theory/Dream Spa)
    4. Let them know that they will be required to take a state board written & practical exam in order to receive licensing.
    5. They are required to learn how to give treatments & services to meet state board requirements. Inform them they are required to receive services in order to meet Institute of Epidermal Cell Therapy requirements.
    6. Let them know that along with the online curriculum (incorporates the Online text book), they will perform all practical performances at the building during designated class days.
  4. Discuss documents needed for enrollment.
    1. Go over documents requested on application
    2. Explain fee for Registration and placement test.
    3. Discuss procedure for acceptance and deposit of $100.00 to hold a spot in class.
    4. Ask if they are ready to commit to next class session. If so, which payment option do they feel would work best for them.
    5. If they are unsure at this point be sure to thank them for their time. Let them know that it was a pleasure to meet with them and ask if you may follow up with them in a few days.
    6. If they are ready to commit then make sure they are scheduled for testing, let them know they are to have the required documentation at the time of testing.