Master Esthetics Program
(600 Hour Course)

A program that prepares individuals to massage and treat the face, neck, and body with advanced chemical and cosmetic preparations and esthetic medical treatments, and to function as licensed master or medical estheticians in dermatologists' and plastic surgeons' offices as well as in salons and spas. Includes instruction in advanced anatomy and physiology, skin properties and disorders, sanitation and infection control, advanced facial treatments, spa body treatments, advanced extractions, corrective makeup, chemical peels,   microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage and advanced massage techniques, pre- and post-operative esthetic skin care, client/patient evaluation and care, applicable laws and regulations, and business practices.

The Master Esthetics Program prepares you for employment at skin therapy centers, skin care clinics, medical spas, plastic surgery, cosmetic and dermatological practices. The course consists of 600 clock hours of instruction, with detailed training on state-of-the-art skin care equipment and protocol. Students practice upon each other and, with proficiency, patients in a supervised clinic. The course includes chemical exfoliation, microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage and advanced make up artistry, among others. Students who successfully complete the Master Esthetics Program will be eligible to test for the Masters licensing (highest) in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Contact admissions for current schedules.

Prospective students must submit a completed application and registration fee.
Proof of a high school diploma or GED must be provided.
Completion of, or test-out of, the Esthetics Program is required for the Masters Program.
Considerations also include out-of-state licenses and work experiences that qualify in Virginia for esthetics licensing.
Each applicant will be considered on a case by case basis.

Upon acceptance, your deposit ensures a seat in the class and is applied in full towards tuition and fees.
Classes fill early so don’t delay. Please call for tuition and fee information.

What is a Master Esthetician?

"Esthetician" means a person who engages in the practice of esthetics for compensation.

"Master esthetician" means a licensed esthetician who, in addition to the practice of esthetics, offers to the public for compensation, without the use of laser technology, lymphatic drainage, chemical exfoliation, or microdermabrasion, and who has met such additional requirements as determined by the Board to practice lymphatic drainage, chemical exfoliation with products other than Schedules II through VI controlled substances as defined in the Drug Control Act (§ 54.1-3400 et seq.), and microdermabrasion of the epidermis.

Chemical Scope of Practices