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Wherever your travels may take you, it’s crucial to prep your skin beforehand for what it will encounter during your trip. “You want to create a balance with treatments and products to build up your skin’s immunity and strengthen it so that it doesn’t go haywire when it’s introduced to a new climate,” says Virginia Beach, VA, licensed master aesthetician Saphonia Gee, of In Your Own Skin, Skin Therapy Center. “If you don’t prep your skin for the changes it is going to experience, it will naturally think it’s in danger and increase sebaceous activity levels...."
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Virginia Pilot: In Your Own Skin

Partners Kim Thumel and Saphonia Gee say feeling comfortable in one's own skin is hard to put a price on. The co-founders of a Virginia Beach skin care center recently landed the international Spa De Beaute of the Year Award sponsored by national trade publication Day Spa Magazine.
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With all the passion and enthusiasm L. Saphonia Gee has for esthetics, it may be hard to believe she started her career with other goals in mind. Initially a makeup artist for large consumer labels, she soon saw her interests changing focus. "I got started in skin with the idea that I wanted to become a dermatologist," says Gee, now co-owner of the In Your Own Skin Therapy Center, and President and CEO of the The Institute of Epidermal Cell Therapy, both in Virginia Beach, Virginia. "But when I had my first experience with esthetics, I knew I'd found my calling...."
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"Healthy skin is beautiful skin," says Saphonia Gee, esthetic educator and co-owner of In Your Own Skin. "But keeping it healthy can be very difficult..."
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Every year top salon and spa professionals participate in the annual International Repechage Spa de Beaute Congress, and education conference adn award gala presented by industry heavy-hitter Repechage. This year, the 9th annual event, held August 6-7 at the Lydia Sarfati Post-Graduate Academy in Secaucus, NJ, opened with a compelling presentation by Repechage founder and president Lydia Sarfati titled "The Power of Attraction: Secret Success to Your Business." Several industry speakers took the stage to share their passion and knowledge with attendees, including The Institute of Epidermal Cell Therapy president/CEO L. Saphonia Gree, who discussed the importance of being active in state boards and legislation...

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THE BUSINESS of beauty and wellness has proven to be a more reliable market than the many industries adversely affected by the economy. In fact, the industry has shown considerable growth in recent years.

In the Hampton Roads area, Virginia Beach, in particular, has been scouted as a desirable location for beauty and wellness businesses.

Cosmetic company Sephora, which has more than 230 stores nationwide, has its sole Hampton Roads store in Lynnhaven Mall (as well as a counter in a Williamsburg JCPenney.)