Which Career path is right for you?

At The Institute of Epidermal Cell Therapy, we want to help you achieve your goals for esthetics school and eventually your career goals. By mapping out a career path, we can customize your training and focus on the specialty that is the right fit for you.

Career Path Specialty / Area of Esthetics Description Services / Treatment / Procedure
Research & Analysis Focus on the why's and how's to improve the industry and overall skincare concerns Professor at University, College, Manufacturer Trainer
Clinical Treatment Focus on treat people directly by providing Procedures/Treatments that designed to Prevent and Correction skin conditions Pre & Post Operative, Lymphatic Drainage, Laser & Light Therapy, Permanent Hair Reduction, LED, Microdermabrasion, and Microcurrent technology
Day Spa/ Salon Focus on the power of touch, relaxation, and Beauty Service eg. Waxing, Makeup, and Skin Conditioning. Hair Removal, Facial Treatment, Body Treatment, Electrotherapy, Make up, Eyebrow and Eyelash
Industry Leader Advocacy or services that helps improve the laws, regulation, and practices of the industry Spa Management, State Board Member, Cosmetic Buyer,
Professional Growth National and International Training ITEC, CEU, and CIDESCO
Wellness Center Focus on healing by uses Eastern Medicine remedies, and practices Homeopathy, Herbals, Nutritional, Mediation, Miasma